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Feature writing

My latest projects

Claire goes behind the scenes at NASA to see what it takes to build a once-in-a-generation spacecraft.

A first hand (and head) look into the strange world of cryonics and the people who want to live forever


The world is an unmitigated mess, and every day we inch closer to oblivion. But we have a guardian angel: Gritty.


A wild look at the demise of an internet-connected juicer that showed how far Silicon Valley will go for a bad idea.


A profile on one of the last surviving members of the so-called 'Mercury 13' who were left behind by the institution they dreamed of joining.


It's freezing cold, scorching hot and a source of Australia's brilliant opal gems. Claire learns what life is like when you have to jury-rig even the most basic things to survive.


A volcanic-ash scrubber, a decontamination room, a waterslide -- this bunker has everything you need to survive the end of days... at a price.


Claire speaks to the people who have lived in radio silence on the dark side of Australian refugee detention.

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