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My latest projects

A six-part series exploring the tech saving us from the apocalypse, from tsunami pods to cryonic preservation. 

(Winner 2021 Webby Award for Best Video Host & 2021 Gold Telly for Documentary - Non-Broadcast)

Making Space:
The Female Frontier
Watch This Space

Everything on Earth you need to know about space! Claire dives into the spacecraft exploring our solar system and the science behind our universe. It's like late night TV for space nerds.

NASA'S X-59 Low-Boom
Supersonic Plane

A six-part podcast series spotlighting the women who have shaped space exploration, from the hidden figures of Apollo to the modern women of NASA taking us to Mars. 

(2021 Webby Nominee for Podcast: Diversity & Inclusion)

Claire goes behind the scenes at Lockheed Martin Skunkworks and NASA Armstrong to see the very first
low-boom supersonic plane.

CNET News, Videos
& Written Features
Hosted Live Shows
& Event Coverage

All Claire's in-depth features, explainers and science writing on

Live show anchoring and on-the-ground hosting.

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