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Claire Reilly is an award-winning video host, producer, journalist, comedy writer and audio broadcaster.

Claire is the writer and host of the documentary series "Hacking the Apocalypse" and creator and host of the podcast "Making Space: The Female Frontier". She is a passionate storyteller and commentator covering space, science, technology, digital life, geek culture and everything in between.

Claire is the 2021 Webby Award Winner for Best Video Host and a Webby-nominated podcast creator. She has also picked up multiple Telly Awards and Australian IT Journalism Awards for her writing and documentary work.

A regular guest and commentator on broadcast TV and radio, Claire has appeared on CBS News, Al Jazeera, ABC News (Australia and US), SBS World News, The Project (Paramount), The Feed (SBS), Download this Show (ABC) and Hack (ABC).

Claire is an experienced and passionate speaker and MC, with a decade of experience hosting large events, running panels and interviewing high-profile talent.

Claire is originally from Australia and currently lives in San Francisco with her husband and her dog Dusty Sprungfeld.

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My latest projects


  • "Hacking the Apocalypse"   -   CNET   -   2020

  • "Making Space: The Female Frontier"   -   CNET   -   2020

  • "Watch This Space"   -   CNET   -   2018-19

  • "CNET's Next Big Thing"   -   VIVID Sydney Festival   -   2019, 2018

  • GameSpot Live   -   PAX AUS   -   2019, 2018

  • IQ2 Debate   -   Sydney Town Hall speaker series   -   2018

  • "Whatever Happened to Gigi Fontaine?"   -   Sydney Comedy Festival   -   2017

  • "Point, Click, Chat"   -   Art Gallery NSW Symposium   -   2015


  • Webby Award Honoree for Best Science & Education Video   -   2023
    Inside Lockheed Martin's Satellite Torture-Testing Facility

  • Webby Award Winner for Best Web Personality & Video Host   -   2021
    Hacking the Apocalypse


  • Webby Award Nominee for Best Podcast (Diversity)   -   2021
    Making Space: The Female Frontier


  • Gold Telly Award - Best Documentary Series, Non-Broadcast (Writer, Host)   -   2021
    Hacking the Apocalypse


  • Silver Telly Award for Best Writing, Non-Broadcast (Writer)   -   2021
    Hacking the Apocalypse


  • Silver W3 Award for Best Web Personality & Host   -   2020
    Hacking the Apocalypse


  • Best Technology Issues Journalism (IT Journalism Awards Australia)   -   2018

  • Best Journalist (IT Journalism Awards Australia)   -   2017

  • Best News Journalist (IT Journalism Awards Australia)   -   2017

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